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Meet Michelle Welch – A Pillar of Customer Success at FCA

Bass Tournament
Michelle Welch (first on the right), at TEXO Bass Fishing Tournament event with clients. 


In a field where safety, efficiency, and compliance are critical, choosing the right construction management tool is critical to save time and reduce operational overhead costs. Field Control Analytics (FCA) surpasses competitors with its access control solution. It empowers construction teams to onboard, track, and manage their workforce in real-time across multiple sites.

A Journey of Dedication and Expertise 

Michelle’s journey to Field Control Analytics is unique and inspiring. Before joining FCA, she spent fourteen years in the legal department of a credit union. Her role there involved handling bankruptcies and small claims court cases, which honed her problem-solving skills and resilience

What Drives Michelle?

Asked about her job, Michelle's says: "Every day is a new adventure! I love solving problems and guiding clients on the best solutions for their construction jobsites." Her passion shows in her interactions and management of her team, consistently making sure FCA goes above and beyond for their clients.   

"Michelle always gets back to you quickly and resolves any issue, which is important on active jobsites. Her personality and work ethic are exceptional,” said Vickie Burris from Core Construction. 

Janice Webb from Phillips May echoed these sentiments "She is extremely responsive. She cares so much about client success that she recently took the time to visit us in person and introduce the FCA process to our new office manager." 

"She cares so much FCA's client success that she recently took the time to visit us in person and introduce the FCA process to our new office manager."

Janice Webb - Phillips May

Why FCA Stands Out 

According to Michelle, what sets FCA apart is the support we provide to our customers across all teams. "You never hear anyone say, ‘that is not my job.’ We address every situation with our clients in mind. We are a one-stop shop for access control solutions and can help any construction project big or small." 

Fun Facts About Michelle 

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys the outdoors. Having grown up in the city, she cherishes the slower pace of country life whenever possible. She also loves fast hot rod cars, reflecting her adventurous spirit. 

Michelle Welch embodies FCA’s customer-centric approach. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our customers' success make her an invaluable asset to our team. At Field Control Analytics, we are proud to have Michelle as a leader, guiding our clients to achieve their goals of safer more secure jobsites.