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Annual ENR Report: 5 Industry Insights You Need To Know

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The latest release of the Annual ENR Top 400 report has arrived, and we've condensed the key highlights for you! Dive into the top 5 insights from the report and discover how Field Control Analytics (FCA) access control platform is equipped to tackle these findings:

1. Enhanced Pre-construction Planning
The construction industry is increasingly investing in pre-construction planning to manage higher risks, inflation, and longer lead times. 

How FCA’s Solution Can Help

FCA's platform supports digital onboarding and workforce management across multiple sites, providing real-time data that enhances visibility and efficiency during pre-construction. By using FCA, project executives can streamline resource allocation and cost management, ensuring that projects are better planned and executed from the start. 

2. Labor Resource Management:

Skilled labor shortages continue to be a significant challenge, affecting project timelines and profitability. 

How FCA’s Solution Can Help

FCA's platform hosts over 3 million worker profiles, featuring individuals who have participated in various projects across the United States. Our solution efficiently tracks and monitors worker certifications, training, and on-site observations. When you embark on a new project, FCA’s platform enables you to recruit workers with proven track records from your previous projects, significantly reducing delays caused by labor shortages. Furthermore, FCA’s mobile app facilitates the swift onboarding of new workers, enhancing their overall experience and getting them on the jobsite faster. 

3. Sector Shifts and Market Demand 

There is a noticeable shift towards industries with construction needs that have lower short-term risks and higher returns, such as manufacturing and water supply. 

How FCA’s Solution Can Help

FCA access control solution can handle all project types and complexities. From heavy civil to manufacturing facilities, our tools help Project Executives and Superintendent track and manage a project’s progress, ensuring greater success and higher likelihood of request of owner for repeatable projects.   

4. Managing Inflation and Interest Rate Challenges 

The construction industry faces ongoing challenges from inflation and high interest rates, impacting project financing and scheduling.  

How FCA’s Solution Can Help

FCA’s reporting tools help project executives monitor verifiable on-site hours with certified payroll to ensure no discrepancies empowering them to adjust workforce strategies accordingly.  

5. Adoption of Technology and Innovation

The industry is adopting digital tools like AI, 3D modeling, and predictive analytics to improve project efficiency and decision-making. 

How FCA’s Solution Can Help

FCA integrates advanced technologies provide actionable insights. For instance, the platform’s mobile app and handheld readers enhance site access control and workforce management, ensuring that only authorized personnel are on-site. This reduces security risks and improves project safety. The use of data and analytics helps predict potential bottlenecks and optimize workflows, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget. 

Talk to one of our access control experts to learn how FCA’s solutions can help you navigate industry challenges with confidence and ease.