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What Sets FCA Apart from Our Competitors



In a field where safety, efficiency, and compliance are critical, choosing the right construction management tool is critical to save time and reduce operational overhead costs. Field Control Analytics (FCA) surpasses competitors with its access control solution. It empowers construction teams to onboard, track, and manage their workforce in real-time across multiple sites.

Efficient Offsite & Onsite Onboarding Workforce

FCA’s efficient off-and-onsite onboarding capabilities streamline the process of getting new workers access to construction jobsite - saving time and overhead cost. By utilizing digital registration and badging systems, FCA eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reducing errors and delays. Workers can complete their registration remotely, ensuring they are ready to start as soon as they arrive onsite.

Additionally, FCA's mobile app offers safety training modules that can be completed offsite, allowing workers to familiarize themselves and meet required site-specific safety protocols before they even set foot on the construction site. This not only accelerates the onboarding process but also enhances overall safety, as workers arrive better prepared and knowledgeable about the necessary safety measures.

Workforce Dashboard with Real-time & Historical Views

FCA's dashboard delivers actionable, automated labor data and analytics through cutting-edge technology. Unlike competitors reporting offering, our robust platform provides real-time and historical views into workforce activity, specialty contractors, and suppliers/vendors. Our customizable dashboards, make it easier for construction teams to make informed decision on safety, schedule, and budget for one or multiple projects.

Custom Messaging, Alerts, & Reporting 

Safety is paramount on any construction site, and our FCA app ensures it remains so with highly customizable messaging, alerts, and reports that facilitate effective communication about job activities while keeping workers safe and the team informed. With tailored notifications, project executives and superintendents can seamlessly communicate with specialty contractors regarding workforce issues, expiring safety requirements, or certifications.

One of our clients, use the FCA app to notify thousands of workers about an approaching storm with lightning detected 18 miles away, prompting them to halt exterior elevated work until it was safe to resume. This notification was sent in both English and Spanish, ensuring no language barriers compromised safety.

Our messaging app also allows for you to request confirmation of an activity from the workforce. For instance, if by chance there is a fire and you would like to confirmation when all workers have exited the site, in the message you can request a form be completed. This activity will generate reports for you and your safety team to review once the issue is resolved.

20+ Years of Experience from the Industry Leader

With more than two decades of industry experience, Field Control Analytics brings unparalleled experience. From schools and hospitals to stadiums and high-rises – our team has had the privilege of supporting a variety of construction projects across the United States. Over the years, FCA has built and improved its access control solution tool to meet the unique challenges of various construction projects. The results, a reliable and effective solution or any construction project needs. 

Why Choose Field Control Analytics? 

For unparalleled job site data analytics, construction safety technology, and workforce management, Field Control Analytics is the ultimate choice. Our comprehensive services, coupled with two decades of experience and advanced technology, make FCA the preferred partner for construction professionals aiming to optimize site safety, efficiency, and compliance.