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Field Control Analytics: New name. Better product. Same great service.

FC Background FC Construction rebrand Field Control Analytics

From FC Construction and FC Background, our company has entered a new era and with that comes a new name - Field Control Analytics (FCA). 

We sat down with CEO Reid Rubinstein to discuss the motivations behind the name change and the acquisition of the company in 2020. Reid shares insights into his vision for FCA, the strategic priorities for the company, and how the rebranding reflects our mission to provide top-notch service and innovative technology to the construction industry.  

What motivated you to acquire FCA? 

In 2019 we were in discussions with the existing management team regarding a growth investment in the company. From our perspective, the construction industry was hungry for better technology that could empower Project Executives, Superintendents, and Safety Directors with data to help them make informed decisions, saving time and creating safer and more efficient job sites. 

With our deep experience in the security and background industry, particularly through our chairman's tenure as founder and Chairman of Sterling Check Corporation, we recognized a unique market opportunity.  What stood out about FCA was its deep industry relationships and client loyalty. Combined with the potential to expand the technology to better serve client needs, we believed in the company and the opportunity. 

When you purchased FCA, what did you not want to change? 

We respect and recognize the construction industry is a relationship business, with many experienced professionals working tirelessly to build projects that make our communities better. We wanted to take a different approach from venture capital-backed firms moving into space. We don't see technology as a "silver bullet" to all construction job site problems. Instead, we believe it's how people and technology work together that makes an impact and generates ROI through cost savings. 

About the Rebranding FC Construction & FC Background 

What was the primary reason for renaming FC Construction and FC Background to Field Control Analytics? 

The main reason for rebranding FCA was to ensure our company name accurately represents what we do and what our products deliver. As an access control provider and workforce data and analytics company, the new name reflects our core offering better than the old one. 

Recognizing the importance of the name and the team that developed our client relationships, we renamed the company while maintaining the essence of FC. We should note that we also retained 80% of our original employees. It's not to say everything was perfect, but we saw in the team a dedication to our clients that was unmatched. As we grow and make operational improvements, we're training our team to adapt and grow to better serve our clients. 

Now that the company has a new name, what do you want customers to know? What should they come to expect? 

I want customers to know that we provide a white-glove service both in the field and digitally. FCA is constantly adding and enhancing our suite of products to make jobsite management easier. 

About the Market Opportunities 

What opportunities do you see in the market for FCA? Are there any specific trends or developments that you believe FCA is particularly well-positioned to capitalize on? 

Workforce AI is a significant opportunity, supporting construction management through data and in-person interactions. Our product team is constantly evaluating all technology that could help our clients have safer, more secure job sites. We understand this is still a people business and aim to support the human side without devaluing it. 

How do you see FCA differentiating itself from competitors in the market? 

I always say it is four key things: 

  • Efficient Offsite & Onsite Onboarding: Our access control solution streamlines the worker onboarding process, saving General Contractors time and overhead costs. Using digital registration and badging, our tools reduce manual paperwork, errors, and delays, ensuring only authorized personnel access the site. 
  • Workforce Dashboard with Real-time & Historical Views: Our platform offers real-time and historical views into workforce and specialty contractor activities. Customizable dashboards help construction teams make informed decisions on safety, schedule, and budget for one or multiple projects. 
  • Custom Messaging, Alerts & Reporting: Ensuring effective communication with customizable messages, alerts, and job activity reports. Our job site app allows for activity confirmations from the workforce and generates safety reports to track team performance. 
  • 20+ Years' Experience from the Industry Leader: No one in the access control industry has been on more job sites than we have. Our platform is adaptable and can handle project needs, no matter how big, small, or complex. 

What are your strategic priorities for FCA in the next few years? 

Our priority is to grow with our existing clients, helping them manage their jobsites more efficiently. We want to partner with our clients and their workforce. We know how much General Contractors want to execute top-notch construction projects that are completed safely, on time, and on budget. Our goal is to do everything we can to support that. 

About the Future 

How do you envision the future of FCA?  

In the near term, our vision for FCA is to be more thoughtfully engaged with our clients on how we can support them in the field, both from a sales and operations perspective. We aim to articulate all the features and functionality we offer at a small cost, highlighting the benefits and support we provide to our clients on big and small projects alike.